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The Spartans scholarship foundation was created in 2014. It has been established to help keep at-risk youth off the street, active and productive. Our goal is to teach our players how to make the most out of their lives through sports.  The foundation was set up so that every child, no matter what financial background, race, gender or skill level would have an opportunity to play for a Spartans basketball team. The Scholarship foundation helps offset the cost of playing private basketball within our organization.


Spartans Scholarships have helped more than 100 youth basketball players from NH, MA, and ME afford the opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches in New England and improve their overall basketball skill level and knowledge. 

The Spartans Basketball Organization was created so that players from the age of eight years old through high school have an opportunity to play the game of basketball and have access to some of the best coaching, facilities, competition and exposure. The goal of the program is to improve our players skill level so that they can make their middle school teams, high school teams and eventually gain exposure to play at the collegiate level.


More than 40 basketball players have currently graduated the Spartans program and moved on to play collegiate basketball.  Spartans Basketball is proud to announce that they will be partnering with the Cocktails & Cigars for a Cause Foundation established by Federal Cigar.

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