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WHERE DO I FIND TEAM INFORMATION? All specific team information is under “SEASON/TEAM PAGES” then select what season you are playing in, then the facility you play out of. This will bring up a list of teams to choose from. Here you will find the practice times and season tournament schedule.

WHERE DO I FIND THE SCHEDULE FOR AN UPCOMING TOURNAMENT? Most tournament game schedules come out the week of the tournament. As soon as the schedule is provided to us, we post it under “LATEST SCHEDULES” where you can download it. Some tournaments will change the schedule. Please keep checking for updates.

I HAVE NOT YET RECIEVED AN EMAIL REGARDING MY TEAM?  We do all of our corrispondence through email. If you tried out for a team and have not yet received an email, we could be having an issue with the address. Please contact us. After the initial email all other information is on your players team page. We will only email or call if there is a scheduling issue. Tournament schedules are posted under the “LATEST SCHEDULES” section of the webpage. We do not email out individual schedules.

SPRING – Tryouts in January/February
WINTER –  Tryouts in November/December
SUMMER – Sign Ups in May/June
FALL – Tryouts in August/September

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